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TPS7A6650QDGNRQ1 LDO Voltage Regulator: Datasheet, Features, Applications

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The TPS7A66-Q1 and TPS7A69-Q1 are low-dropout linear regulators designed for up to 40-V Vin operations. With only 12-µA quiescent current at no load, they are quite suitable for standby microprocessor control-unit systems, especially in automotive applications.


The devices feature integrated short-circuit and overcurrent protection. The devices implement reset delay on power up to indicate the output voltage is stable and in regulation. One can program the delay with an external capacitor. A low-voltage tracking feature allows for a smaller input capacitor and can possibly eliminate the need of using a boost converter during cold-crank conditions.


The devices operate in the –40℃ to 125℃temperature range. The TPS7A6650EDGNRQ1 device is qualified to AEC-Q100 grade 0, operating in the –40°C to 150°C temperature range. These features suit the devices well for power supplies in various automotive applications.


CAD Models



Figure: PCB Symbol




Figure: Footprint




Figure: 3D Model


Pin Configuration



Figure: Pin Configuration


Block Diagram



Figure: Block Diagram



  • Qualified for Automotive Applications
  • AEC-Q100 Test Guidance With the Following:

       – Device Temperature Grade 1 – Device Temperature Grade 0  (TPS7A6650EDGNRQ1 Only)

       – Device HBM ESD Classification Level H2

       – Device CDM ESD Classification Level C4

  • Device Junction Temperature Range:

       –40°C to +150°C • 4-V to 40-V Wide Vin Input Voltage Range With up to 45-V Transient

  • Output Current: 150 mA
  • Low Quiescent Current, I(q): – 2 µA When EN = Low (Shutdown Mode)

       – 12 µA Typical at Light Loads

  • Low ESR Ceramic Output Stability Capacitor (2.2 µF–100 µF)
  • 300-mV Dropout Voltage at 150 mA (Typical, V(Vin) = 4 V)
  • Fixed (3.3-V and 5-V) and Adjustable  (1.5-V to 5-V) Output Voltages  (Adjustable for TPS7A66-Q1 Only)
  • Low Input Voltage Tracking
  • Integrated Power-On Reset:

       – Programmable Reset-Pulse Delay

       – Open-Drain Reset Output

  • Integrated Fault Protection:

       – Thermal Shutdown

       – Short-Circuit Protection

  • Input Voltage Sense Comparator  (TPS7A69-Q1 Only)
  • Packages:

       – 8-Pin SOIC-D for TPS7A69-Q1

       – 8-Pin HVSSOP-DGN for TPS7A6601-Q1



  • Infotainment Systems With Sleep Mode
  • Body Control Modules
  • Always-On Battery Applications:

       – Gateway Applications

       – Remote Keyless Entry Systems

       – Immobilizers



You can download the datasheet from the link given below.




Product Attribute Attribute Value
Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
Product Category: LDO Voltage Regulators
Mounting Style: SMD/SMT
Package / Case: MSOP-PowerPad-8
Output Voltage: 5 V
Output Current: 150 mA
Number of Outputs: 1 Output
Polarity: Positive
Quiescent Current: 12 uA
Input Voltage, Min: 4 V
Input Voltage, Max: 40 V
PSRR / Ripple Rejection - Typ: 60 dB
Output Type: Fixed
Minimum Operating Temperature: - 40 ℃
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 125 ℃
Dropout Voltage: 300 mV
Qualification: AEC-Q100
Series: TPS7A6650-Q1
Packaging: Reel
Packaging: Cut Tape
Packaging: MouseReel
Brand: Texas Instruments
Dropout Voltage - Max: 450 mV
Line Regulation: 5 mV
Load Regulation: 20 mV
Moisture Sensitive: Yes
Operating Supply Current: 12 uA
Operating Temperature Range: -4
Product: LDO Voltage Regulators
Product Type: LDO Voltage Regulators
Factory Pack Quantity: 2500
Subcategory: PMIC - Power Management ICs
Type: Low Dropout Voltage Regulator
Unit Weight: 0.000649 oz



Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) is an American technology company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, that designs and manufactures semiconductors and various integrated circuits, which it sells to electronics designers and manufacturers globally. It is one of the top 10 semiconductor companies worldwide based on sales volume.The company's focus is on developing analog chips and embedded processors, which account for more than 80% of its revenue.TI also produces TI digital light processing technology and education technology products including calculators, microcontrollers and multi-core processors.


Using Warning

Note: Please check their parameters and pin configuration before replacing them in your circuit.



What is LDO in voltage regulator?

A low-dropout regulator (LDO regulator)is a DC linear voltage regulator that can regulate the output voltage even when the supply voltage is very close to the output voltage.

How does LDO regulator work?

The working principle of LDO regulator is just like that of an ordinary linear voltage regulator. The essential components of an LDO voltage regulator are a reference voltage source, error amplifier and series pass element (BJT or MOSFET).

Where is LDO regulator used?

An LDO regulator is a linear regulator that can operate at a very low potential difference between the input and output voltage. A linear regulator is a type of power supply IC that can output a steady voltage from an input voltage and is used in a variety of electronic devices.


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