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  采购电子元器件,买原装是每个客户希望的事,买到非原装是每个客户都不希望发生的事,如何避免买到非原装IC就成为采购关心的事儿, 希达原装IC现货自营 平台,以型号LM2596SX-5.0开关稳压器为例,整理“辨别元器件真伪”干货分享(胶盘颜色可忽略,不做为辨别依据)。

To purchase electronic components and parts with original packaging is what every customer hopes, and to purchase non original packaging is what every customer does not want to happen. How to avoid purchasing non original IC has become a concern of the procurement. XiDA original IC spot self operated platform, taking LM2596SX-5.0 switch voltage stabilizer as an example, sorts out "identifying the authenticity of components" dry goods sharing (the color of the rubber plate can be ignored, and is not used as a basis for identification).



1. Plates and straps:

①Plate packaging, usually the original authentic plastic plate is more delicate and smooth, and the non-original plastic plate is rough; the original lettering technology is mature, and the lettering on the plate surface can be finely crafted such as the middle of the font line is slightly recessed, and the non-original product is made Less than



②Label, the label represents the original certificate of the product, the original authentic label brand LOGO inkjet uniformly (emphasis), non-original vice versa;



The overlapping parts of the original serial numbers are staggered, and the non-original serial numbers are aligned;



③Straps, the original genuine straps should be cautiously pressed, the protective film is locked to the straps, and the non-original protective film is separated from the edge of the strap;



Usually the original genuine chain belt is mostly made of recyclable plastic material, and there will be a recycling mark on the back of the small box with or without interval, and there is no if it is not original;




2. Product appearance, zoom in to see the details

④Silk printing, the original genuine LOGO printing is correct and clear (emphasis), the lines are smooth and uniform, the edges are clear and there is no impurities, and there is no change after wiping with your fingers. Remaining residue;



⑤Positioning holes. ICs whose installation direction cannot be distinguished all have positioning holes, and there may be letters or no letters in the holes. The original authentic positioning hole has sharp edges and corners, the arc is deep, the letters engraved in the hole are clear, (key) the size of the positioning hole of each chip is uniform; the non-original positioning hole has a shallower arc, the reflection is stronger than the original, and the letters engraved in the hole are blurred. There may be different sizes of positioning holes in the same inventory;



⑥ The pin, the original product will be slightly dim, and the non-original product may be brighter after re-polishing, and the durability and service life will inevitably be greatly reduced. Here you need to be careful, excellent insight and experience accumulation, before you can distinguish;




The difference between the original and non original electronic components in the current market can be basically distinguished from the previous points. It is believed that non original electronic components may be semi-finished products or refurbished products, which will not be your choice. Therefore, you need to carefully observe and learn how to distinguish. Although the above statement can not be copied to identify each component, it is based on the principle of "fine workmanship makes fine products" to point out the important identification points for everyone, "Flexible use, draw inferences from one instance" is the right way.


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